CodeBoxx Coding Academy In-person Students together at desk in classroom

Make big moves with top tech talent

Our programs provide the skills and experiences that employers value most. In fact, we often hear that, given candidates with equivalent technology skills, the CodeBoxx graduate will outperform the four-year graduate because of the grit, resilience, and leadership skills they have gained through their own life experience combined with the coaching and support from CodeBoxx

CodeBoxx Coding Academy In-person Students together at desk in classroom

Hire Our Grads

We interact with the digital world every day, sometimes without recognizing there are real people behind it. Our best-in-class development programs elevate the human in technology, resulting in diverse, well-rounded technologists who can code, lead, and communicate effectively.

And we continuously innovate and adapt our curriculum to what employers want to see in their new hires.  

Immersive Training

From the start, our learners are immersed in real-life business simulations to gain the in-demand tech skills, programming languages, and practices that enable success as an individual and as a team. 

Career Coaching

Our one-on-one career coaching and mentorship helps our learners hone their technology and leadership skills while finding a specialization that aligns with their passions and best fits their strengths. 

Upskill your Workforce

Customized Training as Unique as Your Business

Technology training isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, so why would you rely on cookie-cutter programs? Whether you want to give your team a strong foundation or build a best-in-class technology organization, our custom-fit training solutions are built for the needs of your business 


We meet with your leaders to understand your current software and processes and discuss any skill and knowledge gaps.  


Our instructional designers build learning solutions tailored to your needs, whether hands-on projects, in-person coaching, online training modules, or a custom combination of these elements.  


Your employees will learn in-demand technology skills, programming languages, and best-in-class processes with our talented coaches who are dedicated to your team and their continued success. 


We measure the success of your team’s learning journey to ensure you are satisfied with their progression and have the tools in place to continue driving their success.  

We continually innovate the way technologists and the technology-empowered are trained and developed, so you can trust CodeBoxx to solve your technology training needs.  

Customized solutions for your unique business.

CodeBoxx Solutions, our Center-of-Excellence Software Development Studio, brings world-class solutions to businesses of all sizes. From custom software development to artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, we act as an extension of your team to make your organization more secure, efficient, and effective. 

"CodeBoxx became an extension of the Lucky Brands team. They bring highly capable, business-ready developers from senior to junior level. CodeBoxx is great to work with and because of them, we were able to get more out of our technology investment."

Matt Kaness, Lucky Brand, Former Executive Chairman of the Board & Interim CEO