CodeBoxx Coding Academy In-person Students together at desk in classroom

A career in technology should be based on potential, not privilege.

We’re committed to closing the opportunity gap by foraging new pathways to fulfilling, high-paying careers in the booming tech industry. 

That’s the sustainable digital future that we want to live in. 

CodeBoxx Coding Academy In-person Students together at desk in classroom

Born out of the bootcamp movement to become something greater.

The four divisions of CodeBoxx work together to develop, employ, and invest in technologists that will amplify our impact exponentially as they move through the world.

CodeBoxx Academy

CodeBoxx Technology School dba CodeBoxx Academy brings the rich diversity of our communities into the creation of digital solutions by empowering people with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch fulfilling careers in tech.


CodeBoxx Solutions

CodeBoxx Solutions, our Center-of-Excellence Software Development Studio brings real world experience to our graduates as well as world-class solutions to businesses of all sizes.


CodeBoxx Ventures

Our CodeBoxx Ventures  group fuels the innovations coming from within our community of learners, graduates, alumni, and employees .

CodeBoxx for Life

The CodeBoxx for Life alumni network provides those we reach with community, employment opportunities, and lifelong support to continue their upwardly mobile journey toward empowerment

Career success speaks for itself

Read from CodeBoxxers who’ve landed jobs—and are absolutely killing it in the tech industry.
Codeboxx graduate Vanessa P
Vanessa P.
iOS App Developer
Where I was

I got my diploma in culinary arts and made pastries for about 10 years. When I was looking to switch fields, CodeBoxx was at the top of my list because they offered job placement so I knew my risk was minimal. 

Where I am
My first placement out of CodeBoxx was for Bond, a fashion company. Today I am a mobile developer at SideKick Interactive in Montreal. There are plenty of options for me now, as opposed to the service industry. I’m very grateful that I decided to go with CodeBoxx.

CodeBoxx for Life

Your learning journey doesn’t end after graduation.

With CodeBoxx for Life, we’ll always be here to help you reach your professional goals. We leverage one another for the big and small stuff—from resolving complex technology projects to tips on asking for a raise, and (much) more.  

You’ll get exclusive access to career coaching, employment opportunities, industry networking, continuing education, and an international community of current students, alumni, coaches, and staff.  

Ready to build a better future?

Follow your instincts and launch a career in technology today.

Technology is for everyone, and gaining the skills needed to break into tech has never been easier. Wherever you’re at in your journey, we’ll meet you where you are. The only thing that matters is that you know you’re meant to be in a better place than you are now.