CodeBoxx & RevStar Collaborate to Cultivate Tampa Bay’s Next Generation of Developers

CodeBoxx, the software development and technology training company based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, is forging strong partnerships with leading Tampa Bay employers to bolster the tech talent pipeline in our community. After connecting through Tampa Bay Tech and Elevate, CodeBoxx and RevStar discovered their shared mission of nurturing talent and fueling innovation in the […]

5 Reasons to Dive into the World of Artificial Intelligence

In a world driven by innovation, where the boundaries of human potential seem to expand with each passing day, one phenomenon stands at the forefront, captivating our imagination and shaping the course of our future: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a mesmerizing symphony of intellect and technology, AI emerges as the enigmatic prodigy that has forever […]

How CodeBoxx is Meeting the Growing Demand for IT Professionals

As Tampa’s tech scene soars, so are the salaries of IT professionals. recently highlighted the top 10 fastest-growing tech hubs by salary and Tampa, Florida claimed the 2nd spot, up 10.6% from 2022 and 19% from 2021. As companies continue to rely more heavily on technology, the demand for skilled IT professionals is only set […]

The Great Education Debate: College Degrees vs. Coding Bootcamps

As the cost of traditional four-year colleges continues to rise, more and more people are questioning the value of a college degree. Recently, comedian and temporary host of “The Daily Show,” Roy Wood Jr., explored the idea that college may be a “bigger scam than Bitcoin” [1]. While this may be an exaggeration, it is […]

How CodeBoxx’s Symbiotic Relationship Drives Innovation in Software Development

The CodeBoxx Advantage: Two Divisions Reinforcing Each Other for Maximum Impact At CodeBoxx, we pride ourselves on our dual-pronged approach to software development excellence. Our Learning and Development division empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds and technical proficiencies to become adept, industry-ready software developers in as little as 16 weeks. We achieve this through our immersive, […]

Why Software Development is a Promising Career Choice: Trends and Opportunities

Coding Teacher helping student learn to code on his laptop

The software development industry is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities is essential for anyone looking to pursue a career in this field. Cloud Computing One of the biggest trends in software development is cloud computing. With more and more businesses moving their operations to the cloud, the demand for […]

Codeboxx cohort uses tech skills for good

Codeboxx Cohort

Officials at Codeboxx, a local technology training company, take pride in evolving program curricula and preparing students to become industry and community leaders. As such, the St. Petersburg-based company collaborated with Social Ventures Tampa Bay and Tech4Good Tampa to hold its first hackathon Jan. 13. The event connected CodeBoxx’s latest cohort of junior developers with […]

CodeBoxx, SVP Tampa Bay, and Tech4Good Tampa Announce their First-Ever Hackathon

Tech for Good Hackathon

CodeBoxx, the local technology training company that helps aspiring software developers from all walks of life pursue their passions in the technology sector, is living up to its commitment to empowering the Tampa Bay community through technology. CodeBoxx, Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay, and Tech4Good Tampa have teamed up to hold their first-ever Hackathon. The […]

CodeBoxx training company addressing tech talent gap

CodeBoxx Graduates

CodeBoxx, the St. Petersburg-based technology training company, graduated its first Tampa Bay cohort on May 13. The company, which relocated its headquarters here last year, has had a successful run at preparing Canadian students for careers in technology and is now offering its signature 16-week accelerated training program in the Florida market. CodeBoxx helps address […]